Why do people watch documentaries?

people watch documentaries for many reasons, most commonly to learn something new or to delve more into a person or area of which they like or want to learn more about. Many documentaries are made for entertainment such as a documentary about a celebrity e.g, the 3 part documentary on George Harrison which looked more into his life and what he done for entertainment for this purpose the documentary was for entertainments but the documentary also looked at his religious and political views which serves more of a learning purpose.

Why do people watch documentaries?

Why do people watch documentaries?

The peoples watch documentaries mainly to learned about something, like new culture or new country. When they watch documentaries the peoples escape to their daily troubles too. During peoples watch documentaries about peoples in another country for example we can see that there are similarities so they can identify themselves with the characters. If one day a famous documentary is on TV maybe the next day a lot of people will have watch and the peoples will be able to talk about this beautiful documentary.

What pleasures are available to the viewers?

During a lots of documentaries there are music so the people are relax when they hear this music. Sometimes there are suspense in the documentary so the viewers would like to know what happens after.

Example: I saw “Un jour un Destin” to be entertained and I really like because it’s about life of peoples, there are music and suspense.

Why do people watch documentaries? What pleasures are available to the viewers?

Using Blumler&Katz’s theory of Uses & Gratifications, people should watch any kind of programmes to be entertained, to be informed, to socially interact with others, to identify with characters or to escape from the daily trouble. Then it could be said that people watch documentaries mostly to be informed, but sometimes also to be entertained and to socially interact with others. People could also watch them to escape from the daily trouble – but usually for that purpose they watch other kind of programmes more entertaining. Of course when you watch a documentary you would be concentrate only to that, and your pleasure would be not think about your problems. Also usually they give you a lot of informations, to keep for yourself or to share with others. For example, last week I watched “Born into the Wild” to interact with my friends. The story of a hedgehog shocked us that much that there was a lot to talk about.

Why do people watch documentaries?

There are a lot of people who like to watch documentaries. I think there are many reasons why people watch documentaries. One reason could be that people watch documentaries to be educated and to get to know new things. Maybe the people just want to know new things about a topic because they need it for school or for their job.

Another reason why people watch documentaries is that they can socially interact with others. Because maybe their friends or their colleagues also watch this documentaries and then they can talk about that.

Some people may also watch this kind of TV program to escape from their daily troubles and to be distracted.

Other people just watch it to be entertained.

My parents for example often watch “Universum”, which are documentaries about history and many different topics. They watch it to learn new things and to be entertained.


People watch documentaries to be:

  •  educated or informed about the situation
  • to socially interact with others about the documentary
  •  to escape from their daily live’ s.
  • in order to identify with the characters and their situations
  • and sometimes to be entertained ( depends what the documentary is about)

These reason are all Blumler and katz theory, the 5 reasons why audiences consume media texts. This is why people watch documentaries. For example i watch ‘ count down to murder’. To be educated about how they solve certain mysteries and how long it look them. Also i could escape from my daily routine and i could socially interact with others the next day.

pleasures for viewers are that you can learn new facts, to be interested and also you can relate to them in a certain way.