The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Relationship Issues

The film deals with sensitive issues such gay relationships, as Graham returns to India to find his lover, whom he had been worried about since his childhood, as he thought that he had brought shame over him and his family. The film explores how different cultures and religions view different sexual preferences. It is well placed in the current cultural context, and audiences can relate to the key issues, as the contemporary media landscape is filled with news stories on gay rights and debates on legalisation of gay marriage. (BBC, 2013) Audiences will also be aware of countries who might disapprove of such unions due to religious beliefs for example the BBC reports on how, ‘British gay Muslims seek Islamic weddings’ (BBC, 2011) and ‘Huge anti-gay-marriage protest march in Paris’ (BBC, 2013) Continue reading “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel & Relationship Issues”