Book Review: My Brother Simple

My Brother Simple is like no other book I have ever read.

The book follows the lives of Simple, a 22 year old with learning difficulties, and his 17 year old brother Kleber. It takes us on their journey as they fight their own battles, but also allows us a peak into the lives of those they met on the journey.

Kleber has ‘rescued’ Simple from the evil that is the Malicroix Institution. Kleber and Simple move into an apartment that they have to share with Corentin, Enzo, Aria, and her boyfriend Emmanuel. From there, we are given an insight to all of their lives; Enzo is an avid writer and in love with Aria, Corentin is struggling with his health and is a heavy smoker, and Aria slowly falls out of love with Emmanuel. Kleber struggles with juggling school work, girls and looking after Simple. Meanwhile, Simple is occupied with his own imagination and his companion, Mister Babbit – a stuffed toy with a life of its own.

My Brother Simple is like no other book I have ever read as it changes the common misconceptions about living with learning difficulties, a subject that is often left out and not spoken about. It shines light on how life is like with a person with learning difficulties in a positive and imaginative way.  Simple is able to positively change the lives of all that he meets in different aspects of their lives, contradicting the negative perceptions of people with learning difficulties.

Overall, My Brother Simple is a nice and easy read, and leaves every reader satisfied and fulfilled as it takes the reader on a journey and addresses all the characters’ lives.

by Cassie Barnard