Ashley’s Section B

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Split 2016 (Thriller/Horror)

Manchester by the Sea  2016 (Drama)

Passengers 2016 (Fantasy/Science fiction)


How was this film promoted?

This film was promoted by all three media platforms broadcast, print and e-media. They are promoted through broadcast as these films are advertised on TV, cinema screenings and actors who are starring in the film have interview to promote the film. They are promoted through print as these films are advertised on posters around the cinema and outside the cinema, billboards near the bus and some entertainment magazines do promote upcoming films. These films are also promoted through e-media in many ways. They are advertised on many social media apps such as twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. On twitter and Instagram these films are sponsored by the producer of the film, these producers have accounts to advertise upcoming films. Continue reading “Ashley’s Section B”