My Section B

In order to improve my Section B, I will include a description of synergy, which is the way in which various elements of a media conglomerate interact to promote linked products across different media.

An example of this is high school musical. High school musical uses synergy to promote its linked products, as it offers CD, DVD and Games.

My three chosen media texts were American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

I would also make references towards technological convergence. For example, people used to use DVDs and box sets in order to watch these programmes. However, now they can watch these programmes online through the use of technology.

Primary audiences:

For each of my three chosen texts, the target audience for each is either similar or very different to the others. For instance, the target audience for The Vampire Diaries would be young adults, whereas the secondary audience would be teenagers, as it was not the intended audience, but they too would enjoy watching it. In addition to this, the target audience for the originals would also be young adults, with the secondary audience being teenagers and both genders, as they too would enjoy it.

How, when and where is the text consumed by the audience?

All three of my media texts are watchable and are all posted on prime time TV, as they would usually be available for the public to watch on a time between eight and eleven o’clock.



Image result for the vampire diaries cdImage result for the vampire diaries cdImage result for the originals cd dvd