Denotations and Connotations heck yeah

Hey guys, how’s it going? Yep I’m great actually, thanks for asking you’re all so lovely aw.

So, kids, today I will be presenting three examples of different connotations that can be hidden deep LIKE REAL DEEP within an image and what different meanings and understandings certain people could make of that particular image. Le’ss go.

My first image is showing you a bunch of peeps, who are obviously very content with whatever the balls is going on that they’re just very keen on letting you know that by showing off their thumbs. Generally, we know this gesture to be a sign that everything is okay, that things are going well, that Steve has nothing to worry about, and that Jane over there is doing the best she can and we should just let her know. How nice, right? NOT IN IRAN IT ISN’T. Yes, that’s right, kids. This innocently assuring and caring gesture has a whole different not-so-caring meaning in Iran, as it is basically the equivalent of giving someone the middle-finger. And in this case, that makes everyone in the image above a massive bunch of a**holes. How dare they. What did poor old Steve ever do to them? Tut tut.

My second photo is a beautiful little image of a night sky. So, as we should all hopefully know, kids, night-time means darkness, and a connotation for this lovely image from a person’s eyes that personally aren’t mine, could be that this is an image that represents fear, horror, the unexpected, depression and possibly also maybe werewolves. But for a few strange, weird people like myself, who go by the title of nyctophiliacs, night-time will be a preference over daytime and will represent peace, mystical beauty, productivity, and again, possibly maybe werewolves. And witches. And wizards. MAGIC.

And finally, my final image. This, as you can see, is a whole bunch of lovely musical notes. Now, this is unbelievably outrageous to me, but there are people out there who actually don’t listen to music every second of their life like yours truly, and that honestly makes me feel a little sad inside because HOW I just don’t get it okay I’m getting side-tracked ehem. YES. So, these weirdos may see this photo and not think much at all about it, but an OBSESSED music ADDICT (or just a general chill music lover idk) like myself will look at an image such as the one above and give it various connotations, such as tranquillity, meditation, peace of mind, reason for maintaining whatever remains of my sanity, etcetera, etcetera. Though, as you may already be able to tell, even music cannot help sort that issue out. HHHhaha ha h a. Why aren’t you laughing. GOSH SO RUDE.

Anyway, that’s all folks. Stay safe and avoid stranger danger and whatnot bye I’m out.