Game changers

With this TV movie, it showed a follow player, being influenced by the violent game. It showed the contrast between both sides of the argument. It shows the game makers having to make change to some of their scenes to get the approval, that they need to get it released to the public. With this TV movie I didn’t really like it.


People watch documentaries to be:

  •  educated or informed about the situation
  • to socially interact with others about the documentary
  •  to escape from their daily live’ s.
  • in order to identify with the characters and their situations
  • and sometimes to be entertained ( depends what the documentary is about)

These reason are all Blumler and katz theory, the 5 reasons why audiences consume media texts. This is why people watch documentaries. For example i watch ‘ count down to murder’. To be educated about how they solve certain mysteries and how long it look them. Also i could escape from my daily routine and i could socially interact with others the next day.

pleasures for viewers are that you can learn new facts, to be interested and also you can relate to them in a certain way.

film genre

The film genre of comedy/romance (a chick flick)
The three films that I have chosen to compare are St Trinians, wild child and 17 again. These entire movie’s have the same genre but different story lines. St Trinians, A rich goes a boarding school, called St Trinians. She is made to be one of them. They have entered a competition for them to win money for their school. They also nick a painting and con someone into buying it so they would make more money. But the painting was a freak and sold it again to get more money. They do this for their school, so it doesn’t get bankrupt. However wild child pilot is that, a rich girl goes to a British boarding school, where she has to start acting like a mature young lady. She has to start learning to leave without her personal belongings such as her phone & her friends from home. She is put under stick rules, and does everything to be kicked out of the boarding. But In the end she learns that she is better off at the boarding school and doesn’t want to leave. These two movies already show comparison by having the same beginning narrative but there narratives change during have way of the movies. Meanwhile 17 again’s pilot is that a man turns back into when he was 17. When he has turned back to the age of 17 to make things right with his basketball career. But after a while he realises that he’s there to look after his kids and what their actually lives are like. Also he realised that his soon to be x wife, was he’s true love and didn’t want to get a divorced and lose her for good. He tried to put a stop to this. In the end, they both realise that there both still in love. This movie has todorvos theory in it, by having a equilibrium outset, description, recognition of description, repair, at the end the equilibrium in repaired. All these stories are typical narratives, that you would expect from a comedy/ romance genre.
These movies all use the blumler and catz theory, uses the 5 reasons why audiences consume media texts. All of them use 3 which are, to be entrained, to socially interact with others about it and in order to identify and understand the situations the characters are in. the other 2 reason are used in some of these films. In all these movies codes and conventions have not been broken, which it will not confused to audience. Also in these films they have used mostly all the same technology, with makes it more dramatic for the audience and to be engaged of the narrative.
Most of these films are watched by teenage girls and young women, maybe some men. The response that the audience are left with, are excitement, wanting to watch more. In laugher, after some characters have done something stupid. Also leaves them left happy because they all have happy ending. One thing that they all have different is the themes , the things you learn from these are different for example with St trinians, Work as a team and you will succeed, this is shown by all the school working to together to make their school not go bankrupt. 17 again, that appreciate what you’ve got, because you don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lose it. For example he thought it was all about his career, but in the end it was all about the love for his wife. Lastly wild child, don’t judge a book by its cover. For example she thought she wouldn’t like her roommates but in the end she liked them and didn’t want to leave and realised they were her true friends. Even so the setting of where is about are about the same, for example St Trinians in a old big mansion house, as well as wild child setting, where as 17 again is setting is in a big American school. These are set in America. Mostly in these types of films the iconography and characters are the same thing because you need certain characters in this type of film, like certain objects, this is Propps theory. They all have romance in it, as well a smart girl, a rich girl, a dipsy girl, a good looking boy, a jock.
Overall, all these movies have the same genre, might start of the same narrative but changes, it does have the typical characters, and typical narrative. They don’t really have the same typical setting, but they all do have the same typical iconography.

print media

yes print media can have a narrative. for example in a magazine they have life stories that people have sent in from home, which are told in first person. These are mostly held in gossip magazines. some of these stories can have more than one narrative.
Also books, they have narratives, as well, and sometimes have more than one narrative.