Global Village

I believe that the term “Global Village” is comparing the idea of instant connection between countries as a sign that the world could be condensed into a single village. The transfer of culture and ideologies has thinned the wide variety of different peoples and now all these peoples are similar enough to be able to get along and live in a village.

Grand Theft Auto


I thought the BBC produced TV film was underwhelming. The truth was stretched a bit and the antagonist was annoying. Seeing Daniel Radcliffe in a different role took me out of the experience. He’s too synonymous with Harry Potter.

Media Ideologies

Sun, The TruthFoxMein+Kampf

Ideologies in media aren’t difficult to find; everyone has an inherent bias on any subject. The Sun (pictured above) tried to present the fans at the Hillsborough Disaster as evil and getting in the way of the “brave” police. In truth, the police were at fault for letting too many people in the stadium and causing a crush. the fans actually helped the police to assist injured people. The Sun Newspaper was trying to present that the fans were at fault.

Fox News is a news business in the USA. It frequently tries to paint the Obama administration as incompetent. Whether you think that’s true or not, it’s clear that Fox News is biased against the administration. It’s trying to present its ideology in that the Republican Party should be in charge, not the Democrats.

In book form, we have Hitler himself. His book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) is an attack on the then current German state of affairs and blames Jews for all the bad in the world. His ideology is obvious: Jews are bad, I can fix Germany.

Homework task

Why do people watch documentaries?

People watch documentaries so they can educate themselves and escape from the stresses of their real life. It’s also for social interaction, such as learning a new fact and talking to a friend about it.

What pleasures are available to the viewers?

They can derive enjoyment from watching the shows and killing some time. Many documentaries spark a further interest in people and inspire them to inquire further on the documentary topic.

Personally, I watch David Attenborough documentaries because he’s a real dreamboat. Sigh

Can print have a narrative?

Obviously print can have a narrative. How would a story or book series be driven forward if there was no narrative or semblance to the plot.

It’s not just books though, magazines too. In those terrible gossip articles of crummy magazines is a linear story told usually from a 1st person perespective about something that happened to them

Gr8 article m8, I r8 8/8.