global village

I think that ‘global village’ means that the world has become a place that is centred around electric technology. For example the use of twitter, Facebook and instagram for e-media; and TV and phones for broadcast mean that the world is able to communicate so easily just by the use of the internet.

the game changers

I feel that the game changers showed me how hard it is to get your thoughts and ideas out into the world without obstacles. However if those obstacles were not there then gaming and film industries etc. would become chaos and wouldn’t be as popular as they are now. Overall the programme wasn’t to bad but the real story was slightly exaggerated in my opinion.


Why do people watch documentaries?

This can be because they want to be educated on daily life. For example if you watch the daily news you can learn about what happened in your local area or even stuff that has happened in other countries that people would want to be informed about and some people may find this interesting. A theory that ties in to this is Blumler and Katz, this is because there theory is based on 5 things which tell us as an audience why we consume media text.

They are:

  • To be educated
  • To have escapism
  • To identify character and situations
  • To abe able to talk to other people about what you’ve seen read or heard
  • To be entertained

What pleasures are available to viewers?

being able to get interesting information about your documentary to you in the space of an hour or so and you can also be able to relate to some documentaries in a certain way too

film genres

The three film I chose to compare together are st.trinians, wild child and Angus thongs and snogging. These movies all have the same genre which is a rom/com however they all have different story lines. In st.trinians a rich spoilt girl ends up being sent to the st.trinians boarding school and she ends up becoming one of them, then they enter a completion which is based in a museum and they need to win it because the school are going to become bankrupt if they don’t get any money for the school so they try to win the competition and they also try to steal a painting so they can con the rich girls dad into giving the money for a fake picture looking like the on they stole so they can have more money. However in the wild child plot it’s a little different but there is another rich girl that the main character who’s from America that gets forced to go to British boarding school by her father where she has to tart to act more mature and like a lady. When she gets there has to learn how to ‘survive’ without any personal belongings or her phone and friends in America. She is made to live under strict rules in the boarding school so she tries to do everything to get herself kicked out so she can go back home. But in the end she ends up finding a boy that she really likes who is the head teachers’ son and they end up getting together and she doesn’t want to leave in the end. The two movies can be compared as they have the same beginning narrative but they do change during how the movie pans out. Meanwhile in angus thongs and perfect snogging its about a normal 14 year old girl is living in a small town and she really likes a boy that she just found out goes to her school in a couple years above and came from another country, this film is a little different as she doesn’t make any new friends by the end but she does get the boy she wants in the end. All these stories have typical narratives that you would expect to come from a comedy / romance genre. All of these movies use the Blumler and Katz theory, this is when you use the 5 reasons to consume media texts as an audience. All three of these films use this theory and they are, to be entertained, to socially interact with friends and other people about what you watch, to identify and understand the situations the characters are in and to escape from your daily life. The last one which is to be informed and educated does not apply to these films. All of these films are more based on teenager life and that’s why teenagers watch these types of films however some younger women and even some men watch these. The response people are left with at the end of these films, are happiness, excitement, wanting to watch more of them, want to be part of the film and in laughter from watching some characters do stupid things. One thing that is different in the themes is that the things you learn are different. For example, st.trinians, its work as a team and you will then succeed, this is shown when the whole school come together to make their school more money and saves them. In wild child the theme is, don’t judge a book by its cover. For example she thought when she went to Britain to boarding school she would hate everyone at the school but she ended up becoming really good friends with them and they go to her house in America. The theme in Angus thongs and perfect snogging is to believe in yourself and never change yourself for anyone who doesn’t like you for yourself. Even though the settings of where it is are about the same, for example St Trinians in an old big mansion house, as well as wild child setting, whereas angus thongs and perfect snogging is set in a small town near there sea in Britain. Mostly in these types of films the iconography and characters are the same thing because you need certain characters in this type of films to make them the same, this is Propps’ theory. For example to use his theory to romantic comedies they will always have romance in them, they will most likely have a smart girl, a rich girl, a ditsy girl, a evil girl and a good looking boy. Overall, all these movies have the same genre, they may start off the same but the narrative can change and It does have the typical characters, and typical narrative. They don’t really have the same typical setting, but they all do have the same typical iconography.