-Connotations and Denotations-

Colours themselves do not “mean” anything, yet the society had led us to believe they do.     A lot of colours have meanings connoted with them, such as red means “stop” or “danger” with the most common example being on a set of traffic light.

But the connotations of the colors, what we associate watching at it, can also change from culture to culture.

One of the main example is the color white.  People who lives in Western countries associate this colour to brides and weddings but also to angels and peace (white doves). In general means purity and cleanliness.

The feelings that habitants of Eastern counties prove  when they see the color white are opposite, they think about death (funerals) and sadness.

If we go in India, Japan or China we will probably see people wearing white dresses at funerals, but usually for Catholic and Buddhism countries the main feeling that the white colour transmit is purity, elegance and innocence.

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McLuhan’s theory today.

McLuhan said: “the medium is the message”.  He was in 1964, when television starts to spread, a literal boom.  After then computers start to diffuse in every family houses and so internet, Google, and every type of social network.

I think that McLuhan theory is  relevant today, maybe more than in the 1950s.   Now there are more “medium” that are able to shape the way we perceive and think about the world not because of the content but just because of them and their power over people. Continue reading “McLuhan’s theory today.”