Why do people watch documentaries?

There are a lot of people who like to watch documentaries. I think there are many reasons why people watch documentaries. One reason could be that people watch documentaries to be educated and to get to know new things. Maybe the people just want to know new things about a topic because they need it for school or for their job.

Another reason why people watch documentaries is that they can socially interact with others. Because maybe their friends or their colleagues also watch this documentaries and then they can talk about that.

Some people may also watch this kind of TV program to escape from their daily troubles and to be distracted.

Other people just watch it to be entertained.

My parents for example often watch “Universum”, which are documentaries about history and many different topics. They watch it to learn new things and to be entertained.

Film genres

Movies from the same genre often have similarities. I chose three movies which are romantic dramas to compare them. The first film is “The fault in our stars”. It’s a book by John Green which has been filmed. The second one is “The Last Song” which is also based on a book by Nicholas Sparks. The third movie is “Dear John”, which is also a film based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks. These are all films that make the audience usually a bit sad and contemplative. For example when I was watching “The fault in our stars” in the cinema, almost everybody was crying.

“The Fault in our stars” is about a girl called Hazel, the main character. She has cancer and knows that she won’t live very long. She gets to know Augustus Waters at the support group and falls in love with him. In the end Augustus dies because of cancer and Hazel is really sad because she lost a very important person for her.

In the film the main characters are Hazel and Augustus, two young people who are suffering from cancer. They fall in love. An other important character is the friend of Augustus and Hazel, Isaac. In the movie there are also their parents who support Hazel and Augustus.

“The last song” is about Ronnie who has to spend her summer which her little brother at her fathers place. She doesn’t really like her father. When she is in the village where her father is living she falls in love with a boy called Will. Ronnie doesn’t know that her father has got cancer, but in the end she gets to know it and in the end her father dies.

In the film the main persons are Ronnie and Will, who fall in love. Another main character is also Ronnie’s father Steve Miller. Also Ronnie’s little brother is one of the important persons in the movie.

Dear John” tells the story of Savannah and John. Savannah and John meet during the holidays. At this time Savannah studies at a College, while John is a Soldier, who is on a military base in Germany. They promise to meet again after one year; in the meantime they write letters. After 9/11 John devides to prolong for another 2 years. He gets transferred to Afghanistan. In the meantime Savannah quits the relationship with a letter and marries her old friend Tim, who has cancer and an handicapped child, even though she still loves John. As John’s father dies, he comes back and visits Savannah. Unfortunately he finds that she is no more the happy girl he knew before. John goes back to Afghanistan, where he gets a letter from Savannah, that her husband Tim has diesd. Savannah and John meet again and Savannah falls into John’s arms.

The main persons are John and Savannah, who fall in love. Another important person is Tim.

For me the movies have similarities that are typical for this genre I think. One thing is that they have all really good messages. For me the message of “The fault in our stars” is that you should enjoy every day of you life and try to do the things you want to do. My personal message of “The last song” is that you should cherish the people who are important to you like your family and your friends. The plots of the movies are also typical for the genre. In each of the films the main characters, the girl and the boy, fall in love and then something unexpected, terrible happens, which helps them two get closer or disunite them. Another similarity is the setting. All of the movies are set in a nice village or a normal city, without any special places. The narratives in the movies are a bit different. There are flashbacks in “Dear John” and “The fault in our stars” but in “The last son” there are no flashbacks. In “Dear John” for example there is a flashback when John gets shot he sees coins from his childhood. I think this movies are all movies you watch because you want to be entertained and that you can socially interact which others.