What Media jobs are there?

One of the questions I get asked at open evenings (apart from ‘are you single?’ and ‘Where did you get that lovely suit?’) is…

What jobs could I get if I take Media Studies?

Well, whilst trawling the Internet (Never say surfing), I found the following, have a read.

Media Buyer — are responsible for purchasing media space (in newspapers, magazines and posters and on radio, television and cinema). Working within advertising agencies, they advise clients on which media should be used to best advertise their product or service. They aim to reach the highest number of people in the target audience at the lowest possible cost. The role also involves budget management. Buyers often work on more than one account at a time. They may work across a range of media or specialise in one particular area. In some companies, the role of media buyer is combined with media planner.

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