Cross Media Study

For my section B, I have chosen movies, I have chosen is a 2001 British-American fantasy film Harry potter, a 2012 American science fiction adventure film The Hunger Games and a 2016 American science fiction action film the 5th Wave. These three movies depict some category of similarities and differences.

An example of similarities that they all have is that they all based on the novel. By them all having novels out first it permits them all to indoor see their media text to a greater audience as people who have already read and are dedicated to the novel will want to watch the movie alongside with people who may not read but just want to view the movie due to the hype of it.  Additional likeness they share is the target audience varies in age these movies are designed to target both the youth around the ages of 12 and also have a
secondary audiences of 30 year and up.

To progress and expand my section B, I plan on including a sketch of synergy, this is the way in which numerous foundations of a media corporation act together to indorse related products across different media. An example of this is the Hunger Games to promote its linked products, as it offers CD, DVD and Games.



Harry Potter alongside with all the other movies I chose use Todorov narrative pattern witch consist of  starting off the movie in an equilibrium state, in terms of the movie Harry potter this wold apply to the scene where Harry the main character is seen in his  ever day life with s family then  followed by disruption this would be when Harry then  of some sort, then recognition repair and then lastly restoration.

Harry Potter represents its locations and people as mystical, with large doses of fantasy with the use wizards, castle, wands and magical beings the movie gives the audience sense of escapism from the audience’s everyday life. Harry Potter is very unique as it shows both element of reality and fantasy in the movie, an example of this would be the fact that Harry attends a wizarding academy in Scotland adding both elements of reality and fantasy even having their own language using such words as “muggles”.

Harry Potter uses stereotypical ideas and looks for wizards such as old and grey men, long beards, long clocks and big hats these stereotypical ideas and looks that are given to the wizards are very fitting and gives the audience sense of familiarity and understanding of who and what the characters are through mise en scene.


The Hunger Games represents its locations a people as strong, dystopian and a dog eat dog world. With the use of action codes and fearless female lead character.

5th Wave represents its locations and people as a very ordinary and basic at first and then very dramatic and hectic with the use of aliens, explosives and action codes.

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Three TV shows: Empire, Power and Gangland: Turf wars.

Unknown.jpeg            Unknown-1.jpeg             Unknown-2.jpeg

Power is an American crime drama television series on Starz. it is based on the life of ‘ghost’ a wealthy New York club owner who has it all and lives a double life as a drug dealer. Gangland:Turf Wars is a British two part documentary on a rare insight into the lives of Londons most notorious street gangs. Channel 5 has attempted to film Londons top gangs and show the lives of teenagers. Empire is a popular television series on Fox an American television platform. This musical drama is based o the founder of Empire Entertainment and the drama is centred on the members of the family fighting for control over the company.

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Section B – Case Study

My case study is about three films. There are so many different genres and it is so much easier to understand the storyline also where theories are used. I have chosen to analyse straight outta Compton, split, and the jungle book they are three completely different genre of films and this makes the case study more interesting as there are multiple
representations are very important when coming up with the target audience type for a film as you don’t want to show the wrong people inappropriate shots such as swearing if the film is targeted at young children rated PG. straight outta Compton for example, the characters are represented as thugs/gangsters. they are shown using guns and other weapons. they also stressed the point in the film, because it is a bibliography that they were only seen as violent and “thuggish” because they were black men and got mistreated and so they became what everyone thought they were. abusing the fact that they were very famous. the scenery in the film is mostly just the studio, the streets or when they’ve become famous and spend the time in their expensive houses and in clubs. there are multiple stereotypes shown in straight outta Compton, such as the fact that the “thugs” are black and race was a very big issue at the time the film was set. the crew were famous for a song with the lyrics ‘black police showing out for the white cops’. this also counts as a countertops as the police officers are normally white because of race issues.

different ways of promotion to talk about this way I’m not saying the same thing over again.some differences in my three the jungle book.png
films are the genres themselves one thriller (split) , one drama (the jungle book) and one
bibliography/documentary (straight outta Compton). they are clearly made for different audiences as split and straight outta Compton were rated 15 whilst the jungle book was rated PG.
some similarities my films have are that they all have a very strong media presence as they have been widely promoted around all the platforms
intertextuality is something used in all my three films especially straight outta Compton as the film istraight outta compton.pngs about a rap group and their rise to fame. the music in the film is already very famous which means that when the film came out people get to see what happened around the same time it was made this would mean that the music helped promote the film the same way the film promoted the artists no matter how long ago the film was set.
primary audiences are people who directly receive the communication from the product. secondary audiences are the people who indirectly receive the information, such as hearing about it or be affected by the information. so in this case the primary audience would be who ever the films are targeted at or who ever watches it and the secondary would be anyone who is told about the film watches it and enjoys it as much as the people it is targesplit.pngted at.
my first film is straight outta Compton: I presume that the target audience would be so much more than just a gender or age, because of the type of film it is the target audience would be so much wider than say the jungle book where the audience is children and this is seen through the rated age. straight outta Compton is a bibliography about a famous rap group as I have said. the target audience could range from the nationality to the type of music people listen to, this also brings up the fact that social class could be part of the target audience as different peoples lifestyle could be relatable to the movie. so the primary audience would be the people intended to watch the film whereas the secondary are people who watch it even though it wasn’t intended for them originally.
the jungle book: It is a family film more so targeted at younger children however, you would probably get more of a secondary audience actually watching the film as families will go to watch it together if they have little children. but you will also get a wide variety as it is a remake of a famous cartoon, one that adults would have watched as a child.
split was rated 15 because of content in the film such as violence and swearing however it is a film that can be relatable on so many levels. this films specific target audience may be the same as straight outta Compton’s. as it is a relatable story, maybe not to the standards the film shows but relatable as there are people with the same disorder.



What I should add to my Section B answer – Shiloh

My question for Part B was “Convergence allows audiences to access media content from multiple platforms on one device. Assess the impact of convergence in your cross-media study. My three products were Teen Wolf (Network: MTV), The Originals (Network: The CW) and American Horror Story (Network: FX).

I think I should include stereotypes and countertypes in my Section B answer. Stereotypes are a fixed cliché of a person or thing. For example, the saying that blonde people are dumb. This is stereotypical as not all blonde people are dumb. I believe this can be used in the Part B answer. For instance, for my three choices of the broadcasting platform, I could talk about how the genre of production is portrayed and how they relate to the generalisation of such shows. Countertypes are positive stereotypes that accentuate the positive attributes of someone. For instance, a countertype could be that blonde people are smart. This is a countertype as it accentuates the positivity that blonde-haired people are smart. I could talk about how countertypes are used to influence the audience into wanting to watch such shows and movies, and to increase the popularity of the shows so the audience talk about it to people who do not watch it, which can intrigue others to watch it.

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What I will add to my Section B

For my section B, I have chosen three TV series, I have chosen the British Drama, BBC Sherlock, a Netflix original series, Stranger Things and Sci-fi/Comedy, The Big Bang Theory. These three TV series portray some sort of similarities and differences, an example of similarities that they all share is that they are promoted on the eMedia platform such as Facebook. This allows them all to promote their text to a large audience as another similarity they share is the aim at an age range, these shows are aimed at young people between 14 and mid 20’s, a lot of people in that age range tend to use social medias such as Facebook therefore the best method to keep up to date. In addition, all of these three series are available online however only two are available on cable TV, Stranger Things is only available on Netflix at the moment. Continue reading “What I will add to my Section B”

MEST 1 Section B – Making it ‘wow’.

The more of the following you can talk about, the more range your Case Study has.

Does at least one of my Case Study texts have…

1.         Opportunities for Alternative Consumption Trends?

Timeshifting / Binge Viewing / Media Meshing / Stacking

2.         Opportunities for creating User Generated Content / Viral Marketing?

3.         Opportunities for various Audience Gratifications?

Diversion / Personal Identity / Personal relationship / Surveillance

4.         Opportunities for various Psychographics / Tribes?

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